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When Rob and Dan first met, Rob was convinced that he had met Bigfoot. Then, Dan shaved. Look for clues on the site as to what we really believe (or don’t:).

Definitely. We want you to feel comfortable while you do your adventuring. You can choose to be the driver or rider. You can pick a certain age group. You can also select by gender preference if you have one. We want you to be completely comfortable with your choice.

Yes. You can either be the driver or the rider. Just mention which one when you post the trip.

We sought an expert on this as there was much disagreement, yelling and hurt feelings as to whether burnt or not is the true road to happiness.
We recommend that you first try RTS with at least two members. One of those two can even be a friend or family member. Also, you may want to choose a close by day trip and see how that goes. If all goes well, you may want to plan a longer weekend trip and then progress from there.

That will be completely up to those taking the trip. We suggest that every fine detail be hashed out BEFORE venturing out to prevent anything but an awesome adventure. Members should be able to cover all of their own expenses and also share in the expense of fuel costs if they are not driving. Again, it is up to the members, but we do recommend riders pay for the fuel cost of the trip.
Go to the action button while viewing that members profile and click the report link on the drop down menu and then fill out the form. Provide us with a short
description as to why you are reporting them.
Big Foot spotted eating ice cream.

Or, was it Dan?

Yes, just go to your profile settings tab when you are logged into RTS and click the preference link. While you can’t choose that a guy named Rob can’t contact you, you can choose an age and gender preference.
The minimum age to become an RTS member is 21.
Nothing at all. The goal of RTS is to allow adventuring free spirits like ourselves to adventure. Some things must be done alone, but other things are better shared.
Of course, the more, the better. Whether you have a car or not you can post the trip. Let the organizer of the original trip know that you want to add another vehicle and a few more people into the mix.